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Reinventing your Life

Highly respected psychologists, Young & Klosko draw on principles of CBT to help change negative thought patterns. This book provides examples and tools to complete along the way.

Esther Perel_state of affairs.png

The State of Affairs

Psychotherapist Esther Perel is recognised as one of the most insightful & original voices on modern love. For the past 10 years she has worked with hundreds of couples who have grappled with infidelity. Weaving real-life stories with psychological and cultural analysis, she invites readers into a truly revealing exploration of modern relationships.

Brene Brown_Atlas of theheart.png

Atlas of the Heart

Over the past two decades, Brene Brown has researched extensively into the experiences that make us who we are. She has shaped the cultural conversation and helped define what it means to be courageous with our lives. This book takes us through eighty seven of the emotions and gives us an actionable framework for meaningful connection.



An award winning journalist and television host writes an inspiring and heartfelt story on how we can find awe in our daily lives and despite our darkest of times, nurture the happiness within all of us.

Sue Johnson HoldMeTight.png

Hold Me Tight

Emotionally Focus Therapy pioneer Dr. Sue Johnson presents her practical and user-friendly guide to sustaining a long-term relationship using EFT principles and techniques


Hold Me Tight-Workbook

This workbook provides, conversation prompts, exercises, activities, and resources to help couples move through conflict, and toward greater intimacy.

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